Our programs focus on developing solutions to problems, improvements, innovations, and efficiencies. This focus on solutions is engaging and provides group members and the overall community with a sense of accomplishment and pride.  As we develop, we will leverage our network and partners to scale and amplify the distribution and impact of our results.

Growth and change takes risk. Risk takes trust.

Trust is built with the support of a Group and the guidance of peers and mentors.


We offer five types of groups: Action, Expert, Study, Support, and Local. Each of these groups is framed by a charter, which is negotiated and agreed to by the Group’s members. This charter helps keep the group engaged and focused on the charter outcomes.

 Action groups work on a specific outcome for improving an aspect of social life. Expert groups are action groups but with specific ‘expert’ qualifications for membership.

Study groups are for members who want to learn together. What you study is up to you: it could be one of our courses, an outside course, a book group, or skill development.

Support groups convene to help members grow and heal – these are mutual support groups to help members with lifestyle and behavioral change.

 Local groups share a common geography and work on local initiatives to develop local solutions and improve local quality of life.

Each group receives a private group space on the platform with templates and guidance for forming and running each group type. Group tools include video conferencing, discussion forums, a chat feature, and curriculum hosting and a variety of other integrated applications including Wikis, HP5 interactive video content, a database, surveys, and content management tools.


Your first autonomous group is included in your membership fee. Each group selects a leader, who receives training and support, discounted membership and deals on Academy programs. Some groups are led by a paid mentor who receives compensation via subscription to that group.

Oh Yeah. Group Learning is Fun!

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