Know Thyself!

Know Thyself is a personalized, self-paced program designed for individuals to discover themselves and document their personal profiles: interests, strengths, liabilities, and goals. Participants are guided through a series of journaling prompts to create a detailed life plan and goals, which is used to discover and plan the next steps in their personal, economic, and civic lives. Participants will develop greater confidence and direction, moving forward more effectively and efficiently toward their best lives.


This course is for individuals who want to align their strengths and interests with their personal, economic, and civic lives. The program can be used by young adults in schools or coaching programs, with career coaches for people in career transitions or retirees seeking to discover new adventures.


By the end of this course, you will:

Participants will develop a deep knowledge of themselves, their influences, their strengths, and their goals across eight domains of self-knowledge.

Participants will develop self-confidence in directing their lives while developing understanding and empathy for the differences, strengths, and directions of others.


Enrolling in Know Thyself! offers numerous benefits, including:

Participants will examine many aspects of themselves and relate what they learn to their life goals in a way that helps them make more aligned life, career, and civic choices.

You will develop a specific, actionable plan of personal growth and achievement.


This course is divided into eight comprehensive modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of each of us. These topics include:


The objective is not to figure out what you want to be “when you grow up” but to further align who you are with what you do.  You have many choices – there is not one answer – this course will help you refine and narrow your decisions. Instructions for Journaling and the Final Life Plan document.


Our Nature is what we are born with: our genetic heritage, our gender, and our innate talents and capabilities. It’s important to recognize that our nature is not fixed and that our choices and behaviors actually do change the genes in our lives! Most of us would say that the most significant influences on who we have become are our parents and our family of origin.  Our parents are our first role models. We imprint on them; we model their beliefs and behaviors.


Character drives many of our behaviors and choices. Character is destiny. We will also explore our “emotional intelligence” since how we manage our emotional selves impacts our relationships, successes, and failures. Personality activities are a group of standard personality tests. There are two significant benefits of these. The first is obvious: increased self-knowledge.  The second is that we become aware of the various forms of personality out there in the world.


The cultures that we are a part of become a part of us. We are porous critters, and we become what surrounds us. We are raised with the pride of our nation and the stories of our culture. We are taught how to behave and what to believe through our cultural myths and stories.  How much of your worldview comes from the stories you have heard? As a teen, the music and lyrics of the day were more potent to me than the literature we read in school – they shaped my beliefs and values, even today. What are the stories that you love (for what you love, you emulate, and you become)?


To many, beliefs are the foundation of our existence. They form the framework for all actions, the filter through which decisions pass.  Whether this is conscious and concrete for you or not, it is true. Your values shape your life. We are more malleable than most of us believe.  When we imagine ourselves in the future, most of us expect that we will be much the same person we are today. Look back on your lives: how much you have grown and changed on your path to where you are now?


Here’s where it all comes together. A Life Plan and goals that you can use in the important decisions in your life.


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our previous participants have to say about Know Thyself!

“The Know Thyself Workbook is OUTSTANDING!! Thank you so much for sharing. Clearly, a TON of time and excellent brain power went into this. So much amazing content! Thank you so much for sharing your valuable work…”

Megan K

Branding Group

“This course helped me to reflect on my life solutions. I think this course can help me discover how to balance work and life.”

Marcel W.

“The course helped a lot in my personal development. The self-analysis and journaling activities helped me discover the areas in my life that could be improved with a bit of effort.”

Ashley N.

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