PSA Member Community

The PSA Member Community is where all PSA members come together for membership events and programs.  The member community includes onboarding support, access to The Democracy Challenge, Membership events and forums, and the Third Place socialization space.


The Public Square Academy is a membership community for lifelong social learners who want to become better citizens and promote a more perfect union.


By the end of this course, you will:

Learn how the Academy operates and how to optimize your participation.

Nine areas where Democracy is at risk, and your priorities in participating in making improvements.

In our program events, you learn about upcoming programs and discover fellow travelers on the learning journey.

We are better together.


Joining the PSA Member Community offers numerous benefits, including:

Raise your level of understanding of today’s issues and a range of perspectives on these issues.

The benefits of working in small groups and interactivity in learning

We provide high-touch support to make sure you are getting the most out of your membership.

Opportunities to develop your leadership skills.

Pride and satisfaction from your accomplishments, growth, and contributions.


The membership community includes programs and processes to help you build relationships and join or form a learning group.

PSA Member Space

Onboarding curriculum and support to help you get going

Discussion forums

Group and Program pitch sessions from other members and partners.

The Lyceum: Lectures and Debates.

Program Teasers from members and partners

The Third Place

Happy hour hangouts to discuss the affairs of the day.

Meet other members in Speed Networking sessions.

The Soap Box (open mic night for ideas 😉

Culture Club is an opportunity to explore art, culture, books, and ideas that help us develop as people and citizens.

The Democracy Challenge

This course provides a discussion of “current reality,” our operating framework, and an invitation to explore membership.

The main sections of this course are short essays, with accompanying videos, that present nine areas of action where we can get involved to improve democracy.

Finally, we present the rational and design of our programs, followed by an invitation to participate.


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our previous participants have to say about PSA Membership Community:

“I enjoyed the autonomy and flexibility that accompanies the online platform. I was able to navigate the program and interact with fellow participants at an individualized pace. I like the way people can interact, share experiences, and be part of the group; it’s a great experience.”


Write Your Own Story

“I appreciate that the moderators are keen for all of us to be involved, and I actually feel I need to honor my commitment to this community.   I have taken several Coursera courses, and I find these instructors are more accessible and involved.   I feel part of the group.  Thank you.”

Sebastian C

Media Meal Planning

“The courses are wonderful. Being in my mid-50s, my interest is more on simply learning and accessing what I can – I am not so concerned about a certificate. I learn much from the discussion postings of fellow students and enjoy viewing global perspectives.”

Henri Jansen

Community Member

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